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Private Classes


Class Offerings – the following reflects a general outline of the nature and content of classes. I make adjustments for those who have had some experience, and/or may want to revisit issues such as composition and design, incorporating painting into collage, use of certain materials, etc. From time to time I may schedule days devoted to specific activities such as making collage papers or other projects. Feedback on topics is always welcome!


Fundamentals of Abstract Collage

Beginner, or minimal experience. Most materials and supplies provided. Class includes both techniques for making collage papers and other materials, as well as fundamentals of composition. (Recommend minimum of 9 hours-additional time may be scheduled if desired)

Cost: $70 per 3 hour session, or $190/9 hour class


Mixed Media Mash Up 

Amping up on techniques and materials for mixed media, including papers, image transfers, gelli printing, using gels and other texturing materials, stamping/embossing and many more. Mostly focused on making materials rather than working on specific pieces of artwork.

Cost: Cost: $70 per 3 hour session, or $85 per 4 hour session (includes most materials)


Image Transfers and Photo Alteration

Discover multiple methods for making and using image transfers and expand your creative horizons with photo alteration. Transfers are a valuable resource for incorporating representative imagery into abstract work, and each method provides a unique look. Printed photos are superb starts for true mixed media gems.

Cost: $85 per 4 hour session (includes most materials)

Open Studio/Critique

Reserve time to work on personal pieces and get help with design and composition.

Cost: $20/hour

Scheduling –My available days are generally Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Depending on the month, other days and times may be available. Sessions are in either 3 or four hour blocks (with the exception of Open Studio/Critique), and may comprise whole days or scheduled sequentially, depending on what is mutually convenient.

Materials and Supplies – I make most of my personal materials, supplies and equipment available for student use. If a session involves specific techniques or activities that require additional materials, that will be discussed at the time of scheduling, and agreement made on cost and responsibility for purchase. Students are always welcome to bring their own materials and other supplies to use in class.

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